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Chiropractor Melissa Ruthven tells in this video what chiropractic is and what you can expect as a patient at Van Koert Chiropractic.

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Which complaints do we treat at chiropractor Van Koert?

Sciatica (radiation to the buttock and / or leg), spit, hernia, arthrosis or wear, tingling or numbness in legs and feet.

Incline of the spine (Scoliosis), pain between the shoulder blades, pelvic complaints.

Elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles, feet, hips and wrists.

Dizziness, tingling or numbness in arms and hands, rsi (mouse arm), carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis arm, whiplash.

Migraine, facial pain, jaw problems.

what to expect?

Our method in 3 steps:


Extensive interview

During your first visit to our practice, the chiropractor will ask you detailed questions about your physical complaints. In addition, we ask you questions about your overall health and medical history.


Physical examination

Immediately after the interview, the chiropractor does a physical examination. This consists of neurological, orthopedic and chiropractic examinations. For a good diagnosis, additional (x-ray) examination is often required.


Customized treatment plan

At your second appointment, the chiropractor will discuss the findings and the treatment plan with you. This often consists of 3 phases: the corrective phase, the stabilization phase and the maintenance and prevention phase.


Why go to the hospital?

No need to go to the hospital for an X-ray

Recovery starts with a good diagnosis. First of all we ask what your physical complaints are. Have MRI scans and X-rays been taken in the past? Then we request them and assess them. Then we do an extensive physical examination. To get a good up-to-date picture, we can also take x-rays on our own x-ray department if necessary.

That is an absolute added value of our practice. Because that means you no longer have to go to the hospital. For a “second review” we always have the photos viewed by an external radiologist. Then we start with the treatment plan. The focus is on pain relief, functional improvement and preventive maintenance. With the ultimate goal that your complaints disappear structurally.

We use the latest techniques

With the advanced video program Parker Fit 3D we record exactly how someone moves

We use the latest techniques to analyze all movements of the human body. A good example of this is the advanced Parker Fit 3D video program. An advanced system with which we record movements that are hardly visible to the naked eye.

After seeing and reviewing the images, you can make small corrections. Then we make new recordings and we can see the improvements that have been made. It not only helps people to get rid of their complaints in a sustainable way. But it is also an ideal tool for athletes who want to improve their performance.


We take it next level

With the Gonstead method we examine and analyze the entire spine

Van Koert Chiropractic is specialized in the Gonstead method. This method goes one step further than most other treatments. The motto of founder Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead is: “Seeing is knowing, not knowing is gambling. I prefer not to gamble with your health. “
We examine and analyze the entire spine. We look at subtle changes in freedom of movement and the posture of the back, which can lead to problems.

According to Gonstead, a small imbalance or torsion in the position of the pelvis or lower back can cause a greater deviation in the back (between the shoulder blades) and the neck. Because the body wants to compensate for the (slight) skew at the bottom, which often leads to shoulder complaints, headaches and neck pain. Head and shoulders can also stand slightly forward (“Anterior Head Syndrome”), which in turn causes chronic overload of the neck, shoulders and upper back muscles.
The Gonstead technique consists of a thorough analysis and correction method. This promotes the functioning of our skeleton, muscles and nervous system structurally and functionally.

About us

20 years experience

Gertjan van Koert started in 1995 at the age of 22 on a 5-year full-time study chiropractic at university level in Bournemouth, England. From 2000 he worked at various practices and in 2005 he started Van Koert Chiropractic.


Van Koert Chiropractie is a member of the Dutch Chiropractor Association, simply NCA, the professional association for chiropractors in the Netherlands. All our chiropractors are also registered with the Stichting Chiropractie Nederland, abbreviated SCN.


A practice for the whole family

Chiropractic is for all ages. We are therefore a practice for the whole family. Parents often come with their children for their check-ups and treatments. In our practice we have a baby changing place and an area where children can play undisturbed.  We can ensure that cry babies are happy again after treatment. And that people who stumbled into our practice walk straight out of the door without any pain. Without medication or surgery. That is the power of chiropractic.